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Who We Are

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Our Congregation

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We are seekers of truth by many paths. Our congregation includes humanists, Christians, Buddhists, agnostics, earth-centered folk, theists, deists, pagans, and more. We are a community of diverse beliefs united by our Unitarian Universalist faith in "Divine Diversity" and by our common desire to make this world a better place. How about you?  

 YouTube: Voices of a Liberal Faith

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Religious Education

Our Religious Education program, an active and integral part of our ministry, is a vital element of church life for many of our families.  The Director of Religious Education (D.R.E.) works in partnership with the R.E. Committee and parent volunteers/advisors to create a nurturing, safe and affirming environment that fosters personal growth and instills Unitarian Universalist values in our children.

R. E. Curriculum & News

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